Ramblings of a 4th Year Teacher, Post #1: Art Extra Credit Corner

Since I am teaching Elementary (K-8) Art for the first time this year, I decided I should research suggestions for the Elementary Art Room. This is what I have come up with!

1. Art Extra Credit Corner, otherwise known as the free-time-student-entertainer area. I have decided to create this little haven in my room because from what I remember from student teaching, Elementary students will often finish on widely different time tables. This should help entertain those who are finished early, while also earning extra credit!

Art Extra Credit Cards: These cards can be found in the Extra Credit Card Box and contain drawing prompts. I was inspired for these prompts by checking out the Anti-Coloring Books by Susan Striker and got some wonderful middle school ideas at Miss Barbola’s wikispace. I also made a very specific directions sheet that hangs directly above the box. My favorite direction is “If you don’t know how to complete the card topic, return it and chose another one.” Hopefully my students will be reading that direction and will allow me to continue working with students who are still completing the project.

Art Extra Credit Chore List: I am cautiously optimistic about this one. My hopes are these Extra Credit Assignments will allow my antsy students to be moving around while constructively occupied. I’ll let you know how it goes!

2 Responses to “Ramblings of a 4th Year Teacher, Post #1: Art Extra Credit Corner”

  • Happy New Year. I’m sure you can’t place me. I am 72 years old and sometimes sub at Lincoln. My Mother was a practicing artist all her life and died in 1999 at 92. Sadly, my career was teaching math for 35.5 years in Phily, and now I sub. I have fond memories of Lincoln High, bassically, because I was a student teacher at Lincoln in 1965, and worked with Bill Kuchler, who taught at Lincoln until John Larson took over. Just by chance I happened to view The Phila. School Notebook Newspaper which was on Bill’s desk and I read of an opportunity to become a certified Math Teacher, get a Master’s degree, and get a math position. Hence the switch to math. Enough about me. I was sorry to hear about your move from Lincoln. Lincoln lost one hell of an art teacher. You are young,creative, and have the drive and discipline necessary for an artist. Tutoring is a great idea. Try to hook up with the Abington or Cheltenham Art Centers. Stay in touch. Best Regards, Chuck Diamond

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you so much Chuck! I just got around to looking at my website for the first time since early december. It’s so nice of you to reach out like you did. I do miss Lincoln but my new school is nice, also- just different. I really appreciate your thoughts. Take care!!

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