Amanda Odenwelder

Art to me is an expression of how God allows me to live, dream and speak with words that are far beyond language. It is His precious gift to me. Each piece has a large portion of myself and my God –every piece holds my heart and soul. My perception of the world is simply beauty, and that simple beauty that is in everything on earth is what inspires me. I have a statement about life, love and journeys, but also about tragedy, heartache and failure. That statement is well beyond words and is hidden inside the paint, wood, clay, graphite and metallic silver of my artwork.

This communication is what I desire to pass onto the next generations of children. My goal is to simply show them that all of those feelings and insecurities do not have to be verbalized to be released – they can be displayed visually. Along with expression, I find that a parallel between the other subjects taught in school and art is a strong knowledge for students. Once math and art connect – both subjects are simultaneously more interesting and more understood. Art is to be used for knowledge, enjoyed visually and displayed for communication and I would like to show students how to do that.

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daniellesmith-pretty-girl-2006 daniellesmith-life-must-go-on-2008-5 daniellesmith-mobile-2004 sunflower-on-clear-detail aodenwelder-a-cry-for-the-innocent-1-2006 aodenwelder-soapstone-candleholder-2006-3 aodenwelder-me-cubed-front-2005 aodenwelder-me-cubed-2005