Amanda’s Educational Materials

Attention Art Educators! Please help yourself to these items I have created for my own classroom ~ Sharing is Caring!

Ceramic Techniques


1 Point Perspective Room with Checkered Floor & Furniture 2 Point Perspective Cityscape
1 Point Perspective Room with a Checkered Floor and Furniture 2 Point Perspective Cityscape

The Elements of Art & Design

Line Shape
Elements of Design - Line Elements of Design - Shape
Value Texture
Elements of Design - Value Elements of Design - Texture
Space Form
Elements of Design - Space Elements of Design - Form
Elements of Design - Color

The Principles of Art & Design

Rhythm Emphasis
Principles of Design - Rhythm Principles of Design - Emphasis

Ceramic Technique Worksheets

Pinch Pots Slab
*Ceramic Technique Poster:Flyers - PINCH POTS *Ceramic Technique Poster:Flyers - SLAB
Coil Tiles
*Ceramic Technique Poster:Flyers - COIL *Ceramic Technique Poster:Flyers - TILE
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