Danielle Smith-Gillotti

I believe art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder either in the form of man made or naturally created. Art is all around us as beauty is to find beauty is to find art. Art is in everything we do and everywhere we go from the clouds in the sky to the dirt in the road from the classics to a child learning to finger paint. Art is a bigger part of life then most people like to think, it was an artist who designed the chairs we sit in, to the sidewalks we walk on every day. This is not thought of as art as we know it because we as a society do not look at the ordinary aspects of life as beauty or art. We look to the new and innovative works as art. I believe that art can be anything from a child’s smile to the graffiti I see on the walls of the city.

I believe everyone has an artist in them it just has to be found. It could be in any form of art from writing, painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, to sports, or running a business. All these things if looked at in a slightly different way can be considered an art form in its own. Art for me is all about expression, finding a way to let yourself be show in a way that makes you comfortable and inspired. I create my art in several different mediums and that is how I express myself, but I do not see that people understanding what I am trying to express is important, only that they themselves see and feel something from the work. I think that the trick to seeing life as art is being able to allow things to move you and inspire your life, to be able to look at nature and man made things as art and others expression.

I am not saying that I love all the artwork that I have seen or experienced, but I respect where they are coming from. I think whether the world understands your work or not it is still a part of you. That is the way it should be as artists we looks at the world seeing what is right and what is wrong with it and often feels as though we have nothing to do with either aspect. But our work does, and artist no matter what medium or way they work expresses some aspect of themselves in the work. They put part of their soul into what they are creating and then puts it out into the world whether people understand what they are looking at or walking past it is still out there, part of them that is making the world stop and think. I think that the trick is to take a second and stop to look at the world around you and realize that life is art made by man or nature.

I think that art should move you to make a piece or art or to live a life of art the things you do and the pieces that inspire you should shake you to your soul, like a true love would it should change your life and keep changing you from then on.

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