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Danielle Update, Halloween

Danielle is doing fantastic from what I have heard from her family. I am getting ready to go see her as we speak and I am very excited. She has been moved out of the ICU unit and will recieve a regular room today. The nurses say she is doing absolutely great with recovery. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers :)


Update on Danielle

Happy Thursday Everyone! It is a happy Thursday indeed. For those of you who were unaware, Danielle had to have brain surgery today. Though this was a planned surgery, it was still very much an emergency and a surprise to everyone, Danielle especially. Thankfully, our favorite artist made it through her surgery without any kind of awful problems. Things were worse than the surgeon expected, but with all of your thoughts and prayers, Danielle pulled through. Thankfully this beautiful, fantastic and talented artist will have the opportunity to create many, many more masterpieces.

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Thanks for all the love and support <3 -Amanda

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